Staging Consultation

$500 CAD

(Plus applicable taxes)

You've made the decision to sell your home, congratulations! We are here to help you the rest of the way. Our main objective is to present your home in a way that allows prospective buyers to see its finest, most desired qualities. To do this we bring our expert interior design abilities in combination with an understanding of how potential buyers conceptualize a property to bring a refined, sellable look to your home.

In this initial consultation we will discuss:

  •   Aesthetic repairs that might be needed
  •   Which of your furnishings will remain in the home and which are better suited removed
  •   Existing accessories, art , window treatments and other decorating elements in your home that will enhance its presentation

The staging process is broken down into two phases: (1) the Consultation and (2) Staging & Styling Executed. This allows you, the homeowner, time to organize your furnishings and possessions based on our recommendations.

Don't forget to book the Staging & Styling Executed package to fully realize the selling potential of your home!